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Going Green

Conserving energy is good for your conscience, the environment and your pocketbook! Using home automation products for entertainment systems, lighting and climate control can save energy and reduce expenses.


Savings can be realized by controlling the amount of wattage used by light bulbs. Here is a link to a table that illustrates the energy savings you can expect using dimmers.

Green Wave Technology

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Remote Home Control

Imagine being able to control your home from anywhere in the world!  We have solutions that provide remote access to your home.  Call us for a free in home consultation.


Distributed Audio & Video

Distributed Audio & Video

Set yourself and your entertainment free with a distributed audio and video system. Enjoy the freedom of listening to your music collection in multiple rooms, or watching your favorite movies on any TV you choose.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Integrated lighting systems offer complete control of a large number of lights without cluttering the walls. Programmable lighting scenes can be activated from remotes, timers, motion detectors and the internet.

Home Automation

Home Automation

What would  home automation be if it didn't let you keep an eye on what is important ?  Use touch screens, cell phones, or browsers to check the status of any device in your home.

Window Tint

Window Tint

Windows play an important role in regulating heat and energy.  According to the EPA, approximately 50% of an average home's utility bills are wasted by loss of heat and heat gain through untreated windows.


HOME AUTOMATION, LIGHTING CONTROL, ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS   Our specialty is Smart Home Technology that provides home automation, lighting control, remote access, video and audio distribution systems, media servers, networking and entertainment systems in your home.


BOARD ROOMS, AUDIO SYSTEM, NETWORKING Over the next five years, up to 20% of commercial building automation system field equipment may “go wireless,” seeking the lower costs, better control, and greater flexibility that such systems deliver.



Your home should not be just a roof and walls, it should be a place of enjoyment and relaxation.  Adding the right technology to your home can improve your life in so many ways.

An automated home can perform on its own intelligence to aid you in repetitive daily tasks that facilitate your family’s convenience and comfort.  Your home automation system could gently wake you up to your favorite song while slowly bringing up the lights.  Imagine being able to water your plants, close the shades or feed your pets while still at the office…create the perfect ambient lighting for a dinner party…or keep a close watch on both the interior and exterior of your home at all times?

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